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Brexit and graduate attitudes to work


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Tony Markov, UK Business Development Manager at, shares new insight on how graduate attitudes to work are changing in light of Brexit.


It’s no secret that graduates across the UK have more than enough stress and fears to deal with, but it seems like the rabbit hole is getting deeper. 2017 has brought a new animal into the mix in the form of Brexit and this is influencing the way graduates view their job prospects.

Research by found that Brexit induced nail biting has grown exponentially in the minds of 2017 graduates since the start of the year. In January a third (35.5%) painted Brexit as a viable threat to future employment, but this has now jumped to almost two-thirds (64.9 per cent) at this point in 2017.

All of this wouldn’t be as troublesome if the market consisted of students who were ready tackle these political tidal waves. Unfortunately, this cannot and should not be expected, and it reflects in our research.

Just over half (54.4%) of students expecting to graduate this year have faint ideas about what they would like to do in the next six months and 57.1% are likely to join the illustrious gig economy purely out of necessity.

However, here’s the kicker.

While the bulk of graduates are feeling lost when it comes to what to do next, seven out of 10 felt that they would be more optimistic about landing a job in 2017 if the Labour party would have won the general election. To contrast this, only 16.1% felt a Conservative party government would open up the doors they so desperately are longing for. This is very likely related to the soft vs hard Brexit debate.

Regardless, when life gives you lemons - make lemonade. This is the time when graduate employers could see this predicament as an opportunity to reassess their communications.

While students are worried and unsure about their prospects post graduation, proactive and transparent communication regarding the opportunities available and what it’s like to work in a company will help to incite trust. And positioning your brand as one that’s progressive and flexing to meet the changes Brexit demands will become ever more important.


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