IT employers set to take on most apprentices in 2017, says AGR research

A survey of more than 100 employers, all of whom are paying the Apprenticeship Levy, found they expected to create a total of 12,281 apprentice roles this year, according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters. Read more in Rec...


The Apprenticeship Levy - What's next?

With almost 20,000 companies impacted by the new Apprenticeship Levy, the key message from experienced apprentice recruiters is to focus on how to gain maximum value from the levy, not ‘how do we get our money back’. Spend the l...


The Apprenticeship Levy: the ultimate guide for employers

Find out how the Apprenticeship Levy will affect your business and staff. The Apprenticeship Levy, which came into effect on 6 April, is a tax on all UK employers that will support the funding of apprenticeships. Read more in The...


Apprenticeship Levy: What you need to know

In preparation for the Apprenticeship Levy, the government has been releasing various documents regarding funding rules, 20% off the job training and information on the register for training providers. Here we share a handy guide from BPP...


Focus on behavior when recruiting Gen Z

The latest edition of Graduate Recruiter is out and has a special focus on apprenticeships. Here’s a taste of what’s inside with an article by Craig Preston, Managing Director of Inspirational Development Group (IDG) on the impor...

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