9 Ways to get More from Your Membership

AGR is an association that belongs to its members. 

We’re here to provide you with the tools required to keep your organisation informed, and to help you do your job better.

Whether you’re simply looking to read the latest sector news, or you have greater get more involved with our work, we work hard to provide our members with a broad range of ways to get more out of your membership.

We’ve listed 9 ideas to get you started below.

1) Attend your next Sector Focus Group

Our Sector Focus Group meetings give you the chance to compare and contrast your programme with your industry peers. These popular meetings are attended by other recruiters and developers working in your sector, probably facing the same challenges, possibly with some solutions! Each meeting features topical content and insights into relevant industry research, whilst also giving deletes the opportunity to raise a ‘hop topic’ question, which is then discussed by the group. To find out when they are, or to book a place, email info@agr.org.uk

Not got a sector focus group meeting any time soon? Don’t worry – we can circulate your questions around your group via email between meetings. Got a question? Send it to: info@agr.org.uk

2) New: Cross-Sector Forums

We recently launched a series of new ‘Cross-Sector Forum’ groups, designed to give employers the opportunity to discuss specific-topics with like-minded recruiters from a broad range of sectors.  We cater for five different areas:

  • Attraction & Marketing
  • School Leaver & Apprenticeships
  • Selection & Assessment
  • Development
  • Diversity

To find out when the next Cross-Sector event will take place, click here

3) Join our Development Network

AGR’s vibrant Development Network brings together employers, third parties and universities with expertise in student development.

We run a separate Development Conference in March as well as Development Network meetings throughout the year. In addition to three networking events held throughout the year, we host a one day Conference in March, specifically aimed at this community.

The date of the next Development Conference is Thursday 19th March, which will take place in London. The programme will feature a mix of breakout sessions, TED-style talks, and keynote speakers. Titles announced so far include:

  • ‘The Development Experiment’
  • ‘Who should be leading their development, the Graduate or Line Manager?’
  • ‘Graduate Line Manager in a Box’
  • ‘FLIP: Ensuring your development programme keeps up in the 21st Century’
  • ‘Test the ‘Strength’ of your graduate development: how to align graduate and line manager strengths and needs with business strategy’
  • ‘Life in the fast lane – time to put on the brakes?’

 To book your place for this event, visit www.agr.org.uk - places cost £350+VAT

4) Share your experiences in Graduate Recruiter magazine

Celebrate your successes, raise your company’s profile in the industry, and share innovations by writing an article for our magazine. If you have something you wish to share, find out the theme of the next issue of Graduate Recruiter by emailing info@agr.org.uk

5) Join our LinkedIn Community

With over 3,100 members in participation, our LinkedIn group is a fantastic way to network exclusively with fellow AGR members. By joining, you can get all the latest news and AGR updates, as well as ask questions to others in the graduate industry outside of your sector. Request to join now.

6) Quote our stats in your business cases

Did you know that 45.3% of AGR members were unable to fill all of their vacancies in 2013/14? Our bi-annual Surveys include authoritative information on the graduate market, including salaries, vacancy/application ratios, marketing spend, retention, and internships.

View our surveys here, why not try using our Data Dashboard to access the information relevant to you? As part of our work to provide our members with useful data we have launched an interactive tool, allowing you to filter AGR survey data in ways which are of direct relevance to you. To access the Data Dashboard please click here.

7) Enter our Awards

We give you the opportunity to win recognition for your achievements, not once, but twice a year, at our Development Conference and our Recruitment Conference.

Winning an award is not only a fantastic way to raise your company’s profile within the industry, but it makes a great addition to your CV too!

To find out about deadlines and requirements, please contact us.

8) Take to the stage at one of our conferences or training events

Sharing knowledge, innovations and best practice is at the heart of what AGR is about. We accept suggestions and proposals throughout the year from across the AGR membership. Please contact us if you wish to present at an AGR event.

9) Introduce us to your team

If you have other members of staff on your graduate recruitment and development team, let us know their details, and we will add them to our mailing list, so that they too can stay informed about the latest news, jobs and events. 


For more information and ideas about how you can make the most of your AGR membership, email info@agr.org.uk or call 0207 033 2460