Best Preparation for Work Initiative (Higher Education)

Entries for the AGR Development Awards 2017 have now closed

Award Description & Focus:

Careers Service entries ONLY

This award is focused on the impact of a single initiative that clearly shows evidence of the university careers service preparing students effectively for the world of work.


Award Assessment Criteria:

Objectives – Are there clear & measurable objectives set for the initiative?  How strong are the links to the working environment?  How have you ensured that the initiative is highly relevant to today’s job/career/employer demands?  How will it stay relevant?

Description of how the initiative prepares for work – What is innovative about your initiative in preparing graduates for work, which others could adopt or adapt?

Stakeholder engagement – Is there a clear understanding of the internal and external stakeholders involved in your initiative in preparing graduates for work? How did you get these stakeholders to support your work? Are stakeholders involved in delivering the initiative?  How do you ensure that stakeholders’ involvement is of high quality?

Impact – Do you have evidence that your initiative has resulted in students involved being better prepared for the world of work?  How have you measured initial impact, and what plans are in place for tracking long-term impact?  How many benefit as a % of your total student population – and what are your plans to develop this?



With each award, we are keen to see how far you have progressed. Show us how you have measured your success. This could be compared to how your organisation performed six months ago, for example, or how you measure up compared to your competitors.


Word Count covering the 4 headings above must not exceed 1200 words

Entries that exceed the maximum word count, or arrive after the deadline date WILL NOT be considered.

Deadline for final submission is: Wednesday 7th December at 5pm.

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