Best Preparation for Work Strategy (Higher Education)

Award Description & Focus

Careers Service Entries ONLY

This Award is focused on the University Careers Service “Overall strategy for preparation for work”.  It is given to Higher Education institutions for outstanding commitment to improving the employability and long-term career success of their graduates across a wide range of activities.

Award Assessment Criteria

  • Vision – Is there a clear vision of what you are attempting to do?  How strong are the links to the working environment?  How have you ensured that your approaches are highly relevant to today’s job/career/employer demands?  How will it stay relevant?
  • Description of how your approaches preparation graduates for work – What is innovative about your overall approach to preparing graduates for work, which others could adopt or adapt? What challenges have you had to overcome in preparing graduates for work?  What was special about how you overcame these challenges?
  • Stakeholder engagement – Is there a clear understanding of the internal and external stakeholders involved in your strategic approach to preparing graduates for work? How did you get these stakeholders to support your work? Are stakeholders involved in delivery of the strategy?  How do you ensure that stakeholders’ involvement is of high quality?
  • Impact – Do you have evidence that your strategy has resulted in students being better prepared for the world of work?  How have you measured initial impact, and what plans are in place for tracking long-term impact?  How many have benefited as a % of your total student population – and what are your plans to develop this?

2016 Winner: University of Birmingham