Brexit and graduate attitudes to work

Tony Markov, UK Business Development Manager at, shares new insight on how graduate attitudes to work are changing in light of Brexit.   It’s no secret that graduates across the UK have more than enough stres...


Students carry on studying to avoid Brexit

Students are shunning careers in sectors such as finance and accounting due to the disruptive impact leaving the EU will have. A survey from High Fliers Research of 20,000 students found that those graduating this year have a very bleak out...


Helpful links on how Brexit can affect you

A sample of resources that talk more about Brexit and its effect on the country.


Use foreign aid budget to bring international students to UK, professor urges

International aid money assigned to help impoverished countries should be used to bring overseas students to the UK post-Brexit, Len Shackleton, a professor of Economics at the University of Buckingham has suggested. Reasd more on ...


Brexit Law - Employment and Pensions

Allen & Overy have put together a useful microsite on Brexit and it's implications. The microsite can be found here, and more information on Employment and pensions here.

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