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The December 2016/January 2017 edition of Graduate Recruiter magazine is out now.


Employers and suppliersGraduate Recruiter December 2016 - January 2017

Working together to hire the next generation of Policy Advisers
HM Treasury and TMP Worldwide work together to hire the next cohort of leaders.

Out of the wilderness
Babcock International team up with Zircon to ensure no hires are forgotten after their training has finished.

Employers and universities

Building lasting relationships
PwC show how partnerships can last for a long time, and can evolve into something greater, with their work with several universities.

Meeting in the middle
Lincolnshire Police find a happy partnership with the University of Lincoln and persuade more students to join the force.

Employers and employers

Stopping educational inequality
Teach First explain how partnering with others is integral in ensuring no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background.

Employers, suppliers and universities

Together we are stronger
AGR’s Chair of the Scotland & The North Group shows how the sector focus groups can bring many firms together under a singular aim.


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