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The April/May edition of Graduate Recruiter magazine is out now.


The year ahead
Graduate Recruiter April - May 2016
Your development trends
There will be an exciting year ahead for development,
according to Samuel Gordon, Research Analyst at AGR.


Realising the elusive 70%
Josh Mackenzie, Development Beyond Learning urges
organisations to stop measuring what people think,
and look at what they do.

Giving more to early talent
Lisa Saunders, Microsoft speaks of the benefits of
‘stretch projects’ for their new hires.

70:20:10 approach for apprentices
GSK uses the 70:20:10 approach to develop their
apprentices to their full potential.

Managing millennials

Cultivating a growth mindset
What is the best way to manage a graduate? Rachel Lyons from
Fitch Learning joins the conversation.

How to manage a millennial
Deborah Meddins from Atos IT Services explains how line
managers provide the biggest influence for early talent.

Line managers – partners in development?
Give managers a good proposition to lead graduates,
says Anne Hamill, Talent & Potential.

The best ways to develop talent

Pre-boarding: from yes to desk
Treat your pre-boarding strategy like a customer lounge experience, states MyKindaFuture.

Five tips to ensure graduates become valued

Valuable tips to create a valuable job for graduates, according to Strengths Partnership.

Supporting talent all the way to management
Ellen Webster, Amey shows why graduate programmes need to meet soaring expectations.

The gamification of learning
Fiona Morris, Havas People explains why gamification is key to reaching millennials.


Congratulations to the AGR Development Award 2016 winners!
You have seen the shortlist, now see who the winners are of the 2016 AGR Development Awards.

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