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The journey to equalityGraduate Recruiter Cover - June and July 2017

Transforming young lives
By giving students hope from a young age, you will see equality in the working world, according to Stephenson Harwood and their work with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

How to become a truly inclusive graduate employer
Don’t miss out on half of the talent out there, implores FDM as they show their ways to becoming more diverse.

Gender diversity

Using mobile technology to target female and BAME students
Technology is key to attracting and recruiting those from a more diverse background, according to Vodafone and Debut.

From Ghostbusters to Pitch Perfect: attracting diverse talent
Using a multi-angled approach, Sky demonstrates how they have attracted and hired more female applicants for their technology programmes.

Many levels of diversity

Smashing the glass closet
Meet ‘Dan’ who was wrongfully told to go back into ‘the closet’ when searching for a job…

How to attract students with disabilities
MyPlus Consulting show five steps to the best way to attract those with disabilities…


And so much more inside...

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