Graduate Induction

Award Description & Focus

This Award recognises excellence in helping graduates to make a successful transition into your organisation, so that they rapidly and successfully adapt to a new working environment and culture.  It is specifically focused on equipping graduates to transfer from academia to work, or into your organisational culture (rather than general development of skills).

The main focus of this Award is from job offer to 6 months into the programme.

Award Assessment Criteria

  • Vision – Is there a clear vision for the understanding and behaviour shift you are aiming to achieve in order to help graduates achieve success in your organisation?  How did you arrive at this vision?
  • Description of key induction elements – What activities did you introduce in the period from first contact to 6 months into the scheme, that others could adopt or adapt? What were the challenges you needed to overcome to implement these induction elements into your organisation? What was special about how you overcame these?
  • Support – Who are the stakeholders who are involved in helping graduates make a successful transition? How do you ensure consistency & high quality advice provided by these stakeholders? 
  • Impact – Does it make a difference?  Evidence of improved outcomes. How do you identify and help those who are not making this transition effectively?

2016 Winner: Civil Service