Graduate Induction

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Award Description & Focus

This Award recognises excellence in helping graduates to make a successful transition into your organisation, so that they rapidly and successfully adapt to a new working environment and culture.  It is specifically focused on equipping graduates to transfer from academia to work, or into your organisational culture (rather than general development of skills).

The main focus of this Award is from job offer to 6 months into the programme.

IMPORTANT: We are NOT just looking for innovative activities, we strongly believe that good examples of implementing and sustaining best practice, “getting the basics right” can be as effective in ensuring high standards are achieved in the graduate industry.

Entry process

This year we are not requesting full-length application forms.

Instead we simply want you tell us, in 300 words, how your development programme demonstrates excellence and innovation in your chosen category.

The entries that demonstrate the most impact, as judged by a panel drawn from the AGR membership, will then be shortlisted for further consideration by our second panel of judges.

Please note that if your statement is shortlisted, you will be asked to provide more detailed information about your programme for the consideration of our professional judging panel, which has been drawn from our previous award winners.

Closing date: Wednesday 3rd December

OPTIONAL NOMINATION - Supplier Contribution Award (Submission made by client only)

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