How does the HEAR work?

The HEAR offers a new way of recording students' achievements.

When fully implemented, the HEAR will provide a range of additional information including:

  • More detail about the content of the programme studied: including course coverage, a detailed breakdown of the modules studied and the marks obtained, including the assessment methods used, and the main intellectual, practical and transferable skills, knowledge and understanding that the student should have developed during their studies;  and
  • More detail on a wider range of achievement.  One section of the HEAR (6.1) will be dedicated to additional information that goes beyond traditional academic achievement.  This will be verified and signed off by the by the university under three heading
    • Additional Awards – e.g. employability awards;
    • Additional Recognised Activities – e.g. achievement in such areas as volunteering, student union activities or representation at university, county or national level in sport; and
    • University, Professional and Departmental Prizes

The following diagram illustrates what a HEAR will look like:


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