Integrated Marketing Campaign

Award Description and Focus

This award is intended to acknowledge the most successful and effective integrated marketing campaign during the recruitment year.

Award Assessment Criteria

The following guidelines were used to judge entries for this award.

Entries to this award must comprise of two elements:

1. Tangible support material of the campaign elements – at least one set required

  • Examples:
    • Brochure
    • Videos
    • Direct marketing
    • Competitions
    • Events (photos)
    • Internet site
    • Banner advertising
    • Posters advertising
    • Media coverage
    • Exhibition materials (photos)

2. A written summary of entry (1,200 words max.), submitted below in a Microsoft Word document. This summary must comprise of the following four sections:

  • Vision – what were you trying to achieve? (300 words max.)
  • Highlights – the highlights of what you did (300 words max.)
  • Stakeholder Engagement – who was involved and how? (300 words max.)
  • Impact – what were the quantitative and qualitative results? (300 words max.)

The winner of the 2013 Integrated Marketing Campaign Award was BP (Agency: ThirtyThree and aia)