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Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If there is anything that we haven't covered, please feel free to contact us.

I’m a student/graduate looking for work. Is AGR membership right for me?

No, AGR is not a recruitment agency and does not hold any graduate job vacancies. We offer guidance and advise to companies that employ graduates.

When does your membership year start?

Our membership year runs from the 1st of April each year.

I am joining part way through the year. Do you pro-rata membership fees?

AGR does not pro-rata its membership fees. So, for example, if you are joining on the 1st of May as a Full member, you would still pay the full year rate. The reason we do this is that, in your first year of membership, you gain access to all past AGR resources and we feel that this wealth of information makes up for the one or two events which you may have missed.

Having said this, AGR does operate half year rates. Whenever you join after the 1st of October, you will pay half of that year’s rate. This does not apply to ‘affiliate’ or ‘individual’ membership.

If a company wishes to join AGR close to the beginning of a new membership year in April, we may decide to offer them a first year’s membership of over 12 months (ie the remainder of that year, plus the next year).

I work for a small company that operates within the graduate recruitment market and/or my graduate intake is minimal. Do you offer any discount?

AGR offers a Small Business E-Membership for recruiting organisations with 250 employees or less who are recruiting graduates or placement students to work in their company. These new members only receive an electronic membership. Please contact the AGR office for more information.

Supplier members who are SMEs still have to pay the full membership rate. If you run a very small consultancy (one or two people), we do not offer a discount because ultimately you are still competing for the same business as larger consultancies.

We are considering starting up a graduate programme. Can you offer any advice without us joining?

In the interests of fairness to members who pay for AGR services, we cannot offer any advice or assistance outside of membership. However, we would still encourage you to join AGR, even if you are only at a stage of considering whether to recruit graduates. AGR will offer advice and show you what is involved in setting up a programme, as well as the associated costs and benefits.

AGR has also produced a business case for graduate recruitment programmes, called 'Adding Value Beyond Measure' (this is available to purchase outside of AGR membership, click here to buy it). If you are at the stage where you are starting to implement a scheme, you probably have more to gain from membership than anyone else, as virtually every AGR resource will be useful.

Can I access any AGR services without joining?

Whilst it is much better value to simply join AGR, there are a few publications that are available to purchase outside of membership - visit our publications section for more information. However, almost all AGR events and sector groups are members only. The AGR Conference (July each year) is open to non-members, although it is about £200 more expensive to attend it as such.

I work for a company that is part of a wider group of companies. If they are already Full members, can I simply join as an ‘affiliate’ contact, or do I also require Full membership?

The general rule is that if graduate recruitment in your company is handled separately to the other companies in the wider group, then you must take out a Full membership. Please contact the AGR office if you are unsure.

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