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British men earn 20% more if parent went to university

British men whose parents went to university earn 20% more than those whose parents only attended high-school, regardless of the qualifications they themselves hold, a new study by the Institute of Education has found. Read more: The Telegr...


IFS: State school graduates earn less, even with same degree and job

Privately educated graduates earn up to 6% more than their state school counterparts, even if they achieve the same degree in the same subject and go into the same job, a study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Read more: The Independent


Inquiry into 16-18 participation in education launched

The Public Accounts Committee has announced that it will be launching an inquiry into the 16-18-year-olds in education and training in England, with the aim of providing more information about the impact of government reforms to increase the num...


CIPD: One-third of employees dissatisfied with career development

Up to a third of employees feel that their career development so far has failed to meet expectations; suggesting that employers need to do more to retain talented staff, a survey of more than 2,500 workers by CIPD/ Halogen Employee Outlook (EO)...


Survey of 27,000 graduates highlights gender differences

Male graduates typically expect to earn more, work longer hours, and be less satisfied with their jobs than females, a trendence survey of over 27,000 students at 126 UK universities has found. Read more: The Telegraph