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Mark Hoban: “Sometimes, work experience is just what you need”


With the government’s flagship scheme in the dock, the employment minister tells People Management HR professionals should get behind it

The Work Programme is all about helping long-term unemployed people back into work. We pay providers from the private and voluntary sector to work with each participant to help them find work, making sure they have the training, skills and experience necessary to get a job. For some people that might be help with their CV, going on a training course, or it could be a spell of work experience. We've learnt lessons from previous schemes, so instead of paying organisations lots of money up front irrespective of whether they get people into work, almost all our money is paid out when someone has moved off benefits and been kept in work.

Sometimes work experience is just what someone needs to get into work. It's proven to be effective and it has been a common complaint from businesses that young people applying for jobs are lacking experience in the workplace. Thousands of companies large and small offer work experience places, and lots of jobseekers make such an impression during their placement that they are offered a paid job at the end of it. Work experience is, and always has been, voluntary.

Source: People Management

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