Post Programme Development

Award Description & Focus

This Award recognises excellence in enabling the long-term success of graduates in your organisation. 

The focus of this Award is on transitioning off the graduate programme, and launching graduates into the wider organisation in a way that helps them establish a successful career with your organisation.

IMPORTANT: We are NOT just looking for innovative activities, we strongly believe that good examples of implementing and sustaining best practice, “getting the basics right” can be as effective in ensuring high standards are achieved in the graduate industry.

Award Assessment Criteria

  • Vision – Is there a clear vision and objectives for how to achieve the result of graduates staying and driving successful careers in your organisation?
  • Description of post programme activity – What is innovative about your approach to creating long-term graduate success and career management, which others could adopt or adapt? How did you focus on creating long-term graduate success?  What were the challenges you had to overcome to establish successful graduate career management in your organisation? What was special about how you overcame these?
  • Stakeholder Engagement – How did people in your organisation support your initiatives in career management?  How did you ensure support was consistent and of high quality?
  • Impact – Does it make a difference?  Evidence of putting in place tracking mechanisms that allow the long term tracking of graduates, their retention, and progression.  Evidence of improved outcomes.