Supplier Contribution

Award Description & Focus(Submission made by client only)

This award recognises supplier excellence in establishing highly effective partnerships with their clients, to help develop graduates. If a client would like to recommend a supplier they work with, they will have the option to provide details against the headings below at the end of each of the other award categories. This will be judged separately to the award they are entering their own organisation for. The judging panel will then select one winner from these client recommendation entries across all award categories.

Did the supplier demonstrate a high level of understanding of your challenges, operation, and goals?  How did they work with you on design to ensure a perfect fit for your organisation?

Did the supplier bring thought leadership that significantly shifted the vision of what could be done? What was innovative about their solutions that was particularly effective? 

Stakeholder Engagement

How didthe supplier integrate their work into the organisation?  How did they involve people in your organisation to help deliver a highly relevant piece of development?


How did the supplier work with you to evaluate the impact of what was delivered?  What evidence is there that the supplier added real value to you?

2015 Shortlisted Entries:

  • Blue Beetle
  • The Smarty Train