Employer Sector Focus Groups

Employer Sector Focus Groups give AGR employer members the opportunity to meet with fellow recruiters and developers to share best practice.

The formula is simple: graduate recruiters from the sector meet up four times a year to discuss matters of mutual interest. The agenda always includes a Hot Topics round table item during which members are free to raise whatever issue they want, and increasingly the groups are working collaboratively to achieve a number of goals:

  • Share best practice
  • Improve their ability to influence
  • Increase the impact and effectiveness of their events
  • Look for ways to save costs through economies of scale.

The Sector Focus Groups take place twice yearly.

Presentations for all Sector Focus Groups from September-October 2016 are available here.


Current Employer Sector Focus Groups and upcoming Meetings can be seen here.
Group Rules

Different groups have adopted different formulas for success, but the ground rules are largely the same. Meetings are hosted by members on a rotating basis, and are restricted to employer members only. Meetings are chaired either by the host or an AGR staff member.

  • Supplier members and University members may be invited to attend at the request of the group, usually to present on a specific topic of interest.
  • AGR administers the groups, sending out invites and details of the next meeting, as well as relevant questions and enquiries between meetings.
  • Topics discussed in the meetings are private to those attending. Simplified minutes are circulated by the AGR to those members unable to attend, but we maintain a strong sense of confidentiality to contain information between those in attendance.

The sector group you join is determined by the sector in which your business operates, not the type of graduates you recruit. For example, if you are a bank that recruits IT graduates, your access is the finance sector, not the IT focus group. For the regional groups, these are open to any AGR employer members who would like to attend.

Not a member of an AGR Sector Focus Group? Participation in these groups is restricted to AGR Employer members. If you are an AGR Employer member and want to join a group, please email membership@agr.org.uk

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